Finessing Your Feedback

My girlfriend has a 9-year old son and he's a stud football player. He's the quarterback and, when you're nine, the majority of plays are runs. But, they do call
by Scott

Wanting Something for Someone…

Have you ever wanted something for someone more than they wanted it for themselves? It's tough. It's a lesson that I first had to learn with my parents. Before they passed, I
by Scott
Jaime Taets Outperform Podcast

Jaime Taets: Superpower Success

"If leadership was easy, everybody would be doing it. It’s individual by person and how you get them to change and how they respond to communication." — Jaime Taets Jaime Taets
by Scott
Scott Welle Motivational Speaker

Serving with EXCELLENCE

Hello Outperformer, I don't talk a lot about spirituality in my weekly emails but do you ever wake up and have a series of things happen to you where it becomes
by Scott