Scott Welle Gratitude

Beyond gratitude

Please forgive me if this email is a little scattered. I'm writing it from a coffee shop in Anthem, AZ, and I'm at peak caffeination after a 16-ounce nitro coffee...   I've
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Scott Welle Peak Performance

Two Friday Questions

Instead of measuring yourself against some perfectionistic ideal, a far better gauge is simply where you were on Monday to where you are now. —Scott Welle   In this episode, I reveal the
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Scott Welle PMI Milwaukee

Plan the work. Work the plan.

Any goal is realistic with an intelligent plan to accomplish it. That's a phrase I use in every goal achievement presentation and is the subtext on the slide from the below
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NDSU Bison

A dream come true.

Last night was a dream come true. I got to speak for the NDSU Bison football team inside the Fargodome. On the surface, you might look at this as not that
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Scott Welle Keynote Speaker

Play to WIN.

Last week I put out a message about getting in the game. Outperformers don't watch passively from the sidelines. Well, tomorrow I'm getting in the game and doing the Triple Bypass
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Scott Welle Motivational Speaker

In the Arena.

I had a lot of people help me when I started speaking about six years ago. People that were generous with their time when I had questions and was trying
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