Challenging Assumptions

You have assumptions. So do I. So does everyone. I used to think (circa 2010ish and earlier) that, literally, everyone struggling with something was soft and mentally weak. 'Suck it up,' I
by Scott
Scott Welle Motivational Speaker

Make Someone’s Day.

On Tuesday I presented for a group of managers in Edina, MN, on strategies for peak performance. At one point, I addressed a common misconception about mental toughness, that it's
by Scott
Scott Welle

I had to ask for help (repeatedly)

Yesterday I attended a "fantastic" branding workshop, facilitated by OrangeBall Creative. I put fantastic in quotes because it was seven hours talking about branding, messaging and marketing for your business. It
by Scott

Finessing Your Feedback

My girlfriend has a 9-year old son and he's a stud football player. He's the quarterback and, when you're nine, the majority of plays are runs. But, they do call
by Scott

Wanting Something for Someone…

Have you ever wanted something for someone more than they wanted it for themselves? It's tough. It's a lesson that I first had to learn with my parents. Before they passed, I
by Scott