Raised Around Lions? Not so much.

Greatness resides in silence. Think of the legendary athletes from any sport: Jordan. Tiger. Tyson. Gretzky. Federer or Nadal or Serena. Jerry Rice. They never had to say a word. Their game did
by Scott

Jason Valadao: Exceptional Every Day

“‘Most people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.’ I think people like us actually fail MORE than other people because one of the things
by Scott
Scott Welle

Why Not?

I had coffee with a friend of mine late this morning and she said she listened to one of my recent podcast episodes. In the episode, I was interviewing someone
by Scott
Gary Woodland

Common sense. Common practice?

Hello Outperformer, In almost every presentation I do, at some point, I will say: "What's common sense is usually NOT common practice." Last weekend I watched a lot of the U.S. Open. It
by Scott

Annette Cargioli: The Forgiveness Doctor

“You need to forgive yourself for what you’ve decided to believe that no longer serves you.” —Annette Cargioli Annette Cargioli is the creator of Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT), a technique that
by Scott