Scott Welle Habit Stacking

The Power of Habit Stacking

I hate taking pills but, unfortunately, I've been forced to take a medication twice per day. I won't get in the details of why, but it's taken once in the
by Scott
Scott Welle Motivation

Using David vs Goliath for Motivation

Motivation works in mysterious ways. The Minnesota Vikings won a huge playoff game yesterday against the New Orleans Saints. We were massive underdogs going into the game. Pre-game NFL analytics said
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Scott Welle Motivational Speaker


I had a call with a coaching client this morning. She was talking about feeling overwhelmed. Too much to do, too little time. Ever felt that way? Yeah, me too. It's rarely
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Perception Motivation

The Theory of Relativity

It's officially November (crazy), and it's starting to get cold in MN. I always find this time of year interesting. I have a rule that I will run in shorts, regardless
by Scott

A Labor Day Disengage

Have you ever been burned out? Just going through the motions and not feeling completely "there." It's not a good feeling. Burnout is a topic I get asked to speak about frequently. How
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