Perception Motivation

The Theory of Relativity

It's officially November (crazy), and it's starting to get cold in MN. I always find this time of year interesting. I have a rule that I will run in shorts, regardless
by Scott

A Labor Day Disengage

Have you ever been burned out? Just going through the motions and not feeling completely "there." It's not a good feeling. Burnout is a topic I get asked to speak about frequently. How
by Scott
Outperform The Norm

Slow and Steady Wins the…

I don't do a great job of promoting other's work, but I read this thought-provoking article by James Clear this week about "average speed" and wanted to share it with
by Scott

Jason Valadao: Exceptional Every Day

“‘Most people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.’ I think people like us actually fail MORE than other people because one of the things
by Scott
When to Quit

When to Quit.

Last week, fresh off the Egyptian jet lag, I spoke for a group of small business owners in MN. Afterwards, somebody walked up to me and asked me a question
by Scott