The Power of Two Phrases.

Life is a series of course corrections. Sometimes major, often minor. There are two powerful phrases that help with either: 1. Until now 2. From now on Until now acknowledges some amount of shame,
by Scott
Scott Welle Motivational Speaker

Questions and Answers.

Do you have a lot of answers? If you do, please enlighten me. I have almost none :-) I had a virtual training yesterday morning for leaders of a multi-billion dollar company.
by Scott
Scott Welle Peak Performance

ON or OFF?

Happy holiday weekend Friday! I recorded this short video of a simple reminder for sustained high performance and ONE thing Outperformers do very well: I hope it serves you, as you serve
by Scott
Scott Welle Jason Welle

The Bill from Regret.

What motivates you to do the impressive things you've done in your life? Where does that inner drive come from? I know where it comes from for me because I've been
by Scott
Scott Welle Goal Setting

Achieve Anything.

Yesterday morning I did the opening keynote for a group of medical staff professionals in downtown Denver. The topic was goals: how we think, strategize and execute towards them. Two of
by Scott
Scott Welle Keynote Speaker PMI

The Intersection.

On Wednesday night I spoke for a group of competitive youth volleyball teams. Ages were 12-18 and at the end we did Q & A. A senior raised her hand and
by Scott
Scott Welle Allianz

Born? Or Made?

Nature or nurture? Heredity or environment? Born or made? These are questions I've been asked ever since I studied psychology in college. Which one matters more? Yesterday morning I spoke for a group
by Scott
Scott Welle Motivation

The Motivational API

If you’re ever lacking ‘motivation’ in any area, ask yourself the question, ‘am I struggling to start, sustain, or strengthen?’ THAT is the Motivational API. —Scott Welle In this episode, I peel
by Scott