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Your Transformation?

How did you transform from a shy individual to a well prepared, tech savvy confident public speaker? I was asked this question after a virtual keynote for a group of project
by Scott
Scott Welle Optimist Club Speaker

Do You Have This Strength?

Do you like it when people talk AT you? Perhaps it's the rebel personality in me, but I don't. From a very early age, if you talk at me and tell
by Scott
Scott Welle

You Never Know…

After a hiatus, I started releasing new episodes of the Outperform Podcast a couple weeks ago. And I'm committed to releasing a new episode every Monday morning until the end
by Scott
Scott Welle Outperform Book Series

Ten Lessons from Ten Books

Less than a month ago I published my tenth book. I didn't make a big deal about it because it was more of a passion project, but if you're a golfer
by Scott
Scott Welle Goal Setting

The Missing Link to Taking Action

SMART goals are great. DUMB goals are even better. By DUMB, I mean goals that are Dream Driven, Unrealistic, Meaningful and Benefit Others. Especially right now, when teams, companies and organizations are
by Scott
Scott Welle Keynote Speaker Disney World

1-Minute Mindset on Failure

There is no failure. There is only feedback. This is one of the most critical mindset perspectives you can have to Outperform. It's something I wish I grasped when I
by Scott
Scott & John Welle

Lesson from dad.

In honor of Father's Day this weekend, the greatest lesson I learned from my dad was to treat people well. Not some people. ALL people. If you know my story, you know
by Scott
Scott Welle Motivational Speaker

Questions and Answers.

Do you have a lot of answers? If you do, please enlighten me. I have almost none :-) I had a virtual training yesterday morning for leaders of a multi-billion dollar company.
by Scott