Scott Welle Allianz

Born? Or Made?

Nature or nurture? Heredity or environment? Born or made? These are questions I've been asked ever since I studied psychology in college. Which one matters more? Yesterday morning I spoke for a group
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An Easier Life? Or a Better Life?

Last night I spoke at the University of Denver for a group of financial executives (FEI Colorado) on peak performance... Afterwards, as often happens, I had a couple people approach me
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Scott Welle Influence

I Could Use Your Help Please

I'll get right to it - I could use your help on something please: I'm getting into the weeds on my 10th book and it's going to be on... (drum roll please) Influence. Quite
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Scott Welle Sales Keynote

Why You Can’t Get Over It

There is no failure. There is only feedback. The only way you can fail at something is to make a mistake and to not learn from it. Otherwise we're all on
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Scott Welle Peak Performance

Two Friday Questions

Instead of measuring yourself against some perfectionistic ideal, a far better gauge is simply where you were on Monday to where you are now. —Scott Welle   In this episode, I reveal the
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Scott Welle Motivation

A Better Way to Get What You Want

Have you ever set out to do something and fallen short? (c'mon, we all have...right?) You may have told yourself that what was missing was motivation, willpower, determination, discipline...and if you just
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Scott Welle PMI Milwaukee

Plan the work. Work the plan.

Any goal is realistic with an intelligent plan to accomplish it. That's a phrase I use in every goal achievement presentation and is the subtext on the slide from the below
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