Less than a month ago I published my tenth book.

I didn’t make a big deal about it because it was more of a passion project, but if you’re a golfer looking to master the mental game, it’ll help. Golf was my first love as a sport growing up.

Still, it’s crazy to think – TEN books!

"Chicken Soup" for those that want to Outperform


To commemorate, in no particular order, these are ten lessons I've learned in authoring ten books. Many of them may seem like they're about writing, but they're really about life...

  1. Writing forces clarity of thought, which has become increasingly difficult in our overly distracted society. What do you want to say and how do you want to say it?
  2. Related to above, no one can multi task and write a book. It’s the ultimate exercise in single tasking.
  3. Everyone has a book in them. Yes, EVERYONE. Don’t let imposter syndrome stop you.
  4. When I consult with people on writing books, the first thing I have them do is describe, in vivid detail, the ideal person who will read their book. Writer’s block comes from losing the connection to this reader.
  5. Your first draft is gonna suck 🙂 That’s okay, no one needs to read it other than you. Don’t let perfection be the enemy of progress.
  6. The people that don't like your book will almost certainly be those that haven’t been in the arena.
  7. Especially in self-help and personal development, to write a good book you must become the book (I think someone famous said that first but I don’t know who!)
  8. Books are an expression of your education, experiences, and individual interpretation of them. Therefore, it can never be “wrong.”
  9. Like many things in life, showing up is 90% of the battle. Anytime you put words onto a page, you’ve showed up.
  10. If you write a book, you’ll owe A LOT to someone. In my case, it’s Mom (God rest her soul). Without her being an English teacher, believing in me, and always striving to help me be grammatically correct, I probably wouldn’t have one book. And certainly wouldn’t have ten.

Keep Outperforming,