Grateful. Thankful. Blessings. I GET to.

If you’ve been here for any period of time, you’ve certainly heard me talk about the performance-enhancing gifts of gratitude. Like exercise, very few things can match gratitude in terms of the physical, mental and emotional benefits.

Yet, it’s something that can so easily slip our grasp in the whirlwind and chaos of life.

It happens to me, too.

Particularly during this time, I miss the heck out of speaking to large groups of real, live, 3-dimensional human beings. I really do! But I am profoundly thankful for the tools I have to be able to add value virtually.

Without them, where would I be?

Yesterday we came together with family and friends to give thanks. And we SHOULD. There is always, always, always much to be thankful for.

But let’s not stop there. Let’s carry it through, post-Thanksgiving as a daily practice and mindset that serves our Outperforming best.

I hope you had a very blessed Thanksgiving,

P.S. A special Thanksgiving edition of "Be On The Right Side," with a little extra Minnesota flavor 🙂