Lambertville, New Jersey.

Have you ever been?

Until Monday, I hadn’t. It’s a small town right on the Delaware River which, unbeknownst to me, separates New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

(Geography was never my strong suit)

Bridge over the Delaware River. Ran this a couple times every morning 🙂


I was there for a speaker training.

No, I wasn't doing the training - I was getting TRAINED on being a better speaker.

It was all day Monday and Tuesday and the two people leading it were both former actors. One has an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) from NYU, the other an MFA from Yale.

They're world class performers and communicators - verbally and nonverbally - and it was amazing being in their presence for two days. We worked on everything from script writing, to vocal training, blocking and staging, and the rehearsal process.

DEFINITELY outside the box stuff for yours truly 🙂

Even more impressive was the caliber of people in attendance.

A former Navy SEAL. A former fighter pilot. A biomedical engineer for SpaceX that will spend five days in space next spring. The head sports psychologist for the US Women's Gymnastics team. The script writer for a past US president.

All coming together to learn to become better speakers.

There are two common traits among Outperformers in ANY arena:

First, they're endlessly curious.

Very few things in life are ever fully "figured out" and the feeling of growth and progress is what keeps us young and feeling alive.

Second, they surround themselves with great people - those that pull them up. In this case, coaches need coaches. It can be easy not to do this when you become established in a certain area and have enjoyed a certain level of success.

But there's always more to learn...


Keep Outperforming,