Happy New Year!

(pretty sure it’s still okay to be saying that on January 6th!)

One of my least favorite phrases around this time – and one you’ve probably heard often – is “New Year, New You.”

It’s well-intentioned: With the start of the year, it’s a great time to make positive changes.

But I’m a huge geek on internal dialogue and self talk. Do you really need “new?”

And if you believe that you do, what does that say about you?

That you’re old?

That you’re stale?

That you need to be replaced?

None of these things are true.

How about “New Year, BETTER You?”

Growth is a common motivational thread woven into every one of us.

It comes from getting feedback from our failures and using them to make incremental progress towards meaningful outcomes.

This isn’t necessitated by “new.” It’s necessitated by “better.”

Don’t ya think?

Wishing you an Outperforming start to 2023,

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