On Wednesday night I spoke for a group of competitive youth volleyball teams. Ages were 12-18 and at the end we did Q & A.

A senior raised her hand and asked me:

“What do I do when I get nervous? How do I get rid of that?”

She was referencing a recent college visit where she was nervous. She has aspirations of playing at the next level.

My answer:

“You shouldn’t WANT to get rid of it. Savor it, harness it, channel it towards your best performance. Being uncomfortable is a GOOD thing.”

I’ve seen this time and again, with me and my coaching clients. When you feel like things in life are stale or just…blah…it probably means you’re not stretching yourself.

I’m not saying it’s easy. In actuality, it’s incredibly hard. It can be equally intriguing yet terrifying. Staying in the cocoon of comfort is far easier.

Yesterday I was the closing keynote for PMI Mile Hi’s Symposium. 1000+ people at the Colorado Convention Center.

Later today I fly to Disneyworld to speak for 1200+ students at DECA’s International Collegiate Conference in Orlando tomorrow.

Was I nervous yesterday? Will I be nervous tomorrow? OMG yes!

As I sit here typing this, I can feel the nervous energy. I need to run. Soon 🙂

But the truth about nerves is that they reside at the intersection of:

1. Something that stretches you
2. Something you care deeply about

You’ll never feel that nervous energy from something that is easy, nor will you feel it from something that is insignificant to you.

I’m sure you can relate, right? Think about a time where you tested yourself and did something outside of your comfort zone. How GOOD and how PROUD did you feel afterwards?

One of the ways that I know I’m doing life right is if I’m periodically (sometimes frequently) finding this intersection personally, professionally or athletically.

That meaningful pursuit is where we truly feel most alive.

Keep Outperforming,