Life is a series of course corrections. Sometimes major, often minor.

There are two powerful phrases that help with either:

1. Until now
2. From now on

Until now acknowledges some amount of shame, guilt, regrets you may have for things in the past.

Unresolved conflict. Made a mistake. Said the wrong thing, did the wrong thing. Hurt someone. Ignored someone. Didn’t work hard, didn’t work smart.

From now on provides the compass for how you will direct your life going forward, starting now.

Opportunity for something fresh, new. For growth. Possibilities. Productivity. Love. Hope. Abundance. Joy.

I could give you plenty of major examples from my life but I’ll share a minor one:

Yesterday afternoon I went to a Starbucks close to our house in CO for the sole purpose of drinking an afternoon iced coffee and working on systems for my speaking business.

Almost 30 minutes into my coffee, all I’d done was swap texts with a friend about the NBA draft and read news about the Titanic submersible.

Seriously, Scott?


Thankfully, I was able to get my stuff together and say:

1. Until now I’ve been wildly unfocused and unproductive
2. From now on I’m going to do better

And I was!

Such are the course corrections we make in life, as to not feel bad and stuck in the past but to feel good and freed in the present and future.

Keep Outperforming,