I did a virtual training this week, titled “Remote Peak Performance for Project Managers.”

Basically, how do you get the best out of you and your team during this virtual time?

I’m not going to pretend that it’s easy, but why do some people show up and perform with excellence day-in and day-out, whereas others only perform when they feel “motivated?”

The answer is psychological necessity.

This term was first coined by Brendon Burchard and I talk about it in my leadership book. Outperformers do two things differently in any situation where performance matters:

1. They associate their identity with excellence

Instead of saying, “I’m trying to lead others” or “I want to be a good leader,” they say:

I lead others with excellence.

Leading with excellence is WHO you are. It is WHAT you’re about. It is HOW you see yourself.

What happens if you don’t perform your best? That’s a risk we take. But, when Outperformers say they are going to perform with excellence, it is less about outcomes and more about effort, attitudes and actions.

2. They ask better questions

Sustained peak performance comes from asking better questions (to yourself). Two of them in particular:

Who NEEDS me to Outperform today?


Why MUST I show up and perform with excellence?

Common answers to the first question are your family, your team (esp. for leaders and project managers), or your clients / customers.

It also redirects your attention. Suffering and struggling is focusing inward. Serving is focusing outward.

The answer to the second question gains you emotional leverage. If your response is, “Meh, it doesn’t really matter if I show up and perform well,” go deeper. Who will be impacted and what are the consequences of you not performing at your peak?

Ask better questions and choose your identity wisely. They form your psychology of peak performance.

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