Hello Outperformer,

Ripple effect: How social interactions affect situations not directly related to the initial interaction to broaden its impact.

I’m a BIG believer in the ripple effect. Aren’t you?

A few weeks ago I sent an email about a high school diver with whom I’m working. Her main fear was in “smacking” (a bad thing) on a new dive. We worked on strategies to replace the negative thoughts so she can perform to her potential.

She’s been doing amazingly well and has her big Section meet coming up.

Last night I got this text from her Mom:

(In case you're wondering, "#5" is the diver. Her Mom has five kids and I joke that I can't keep all their names straight, so I just call them #1, #2, etc. :))

This was one of the best text messages I've received in a while!

It has nothing to do with me being a competent performance coach and helping her directly, per se.

It's about me helping her and her passing it along to help someone else.

It's why I believe we were put here on this planet. 

Here's what I know - you will come into contact with somebody today that is struggling. Somebody fighting a battle that you know nothing about. And they NEED you to show up as your BEST.

When you lift this person up, the true impact will not be felt in what you do for them, but in what THEY do for someone else and how they pay it forward.

That is what we do as Outperformers. That is our movement. That is the ripple effect.

Keep Outperforming,

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