I’m pretty sure I first heard Tony Robbins say “the secret to living is giving.”

It’s true but not often in the way we think.

When we hear “give more,” we think two things:

First, we should give more money. Certainly this matters. If you’re in a financial place to do this, there are a lot of less fortunate people out there who could benefit.

Second, we should give more time. If we just spend a little more time with our family, coworkers, direct reports, etc., that will be enough. Time is the answer.

These two things matter but Outperformers take it a step further.

Their ‘secret’ is in giving MORE of their presence, energy and intention.

Presence: they are where they are. Not in the past, not in the future. Not with someone else. Not anywhere else. They are right here, right now.

Energy: they brighten every room they enter. Their energy pulls people up; it doesn’t push people down. It’s infectious to be around.

Intention: they don’t aimlessly give money or time, their intention is targeted in areas that are fulfilling and deeply meaningful. They are thermostats, not thermometers.

This may seem like common sense but it is often not common practice (for me included).

However, if you commit to giving a greater level of presence, energy and intention for those around you, watch what happens – not only during this holiday season, but beyond…

Keep Outperforming!