I did the closing keynote for a conference in Cedar Rapids, IA, last week and a gentleman approached me afterwards. During the speech, I told the story of my brother and how I thought I was never going to be as smart as him.

So, I didn’t even try. And until my junior year of college, I was a C student. Average…and I was good with it.

(actually, I wasn’t, but my belief system didn’t allow me to feel that way)

The gentleman that approached me is going through the same thing. He has an older son and a younger daughter. She has shut down academically, feeling like she’s never going to be as good as her brother.

He asked for my advice, and if I could go back and do it differently, what would I change?

A tough question and I recorded a special video for you with the answer:

So we’re on the same page, the video isn’t just about teenagers and sibling rivalries. It’s about social comparison in general and how it impacts our performance.

I hope it serves you.

Keep Outperforming!