Last week I put out A message on the top 5 reasons I tell myself to “Bring The Joy” before every speech I give:

1. It lessens the pressure you put on yourself to deliver outcomes
2. When you have fun, the audience has fun (people around you have fun)
3. It’s 100% controllable
4. Helps with paralysis-by-analysis and fixating on what to say, when
5. The world needs more joy!

I asked which reason you thought was most important and MANY people responded (thanks for that!). Of these responses, 2 was the winner, followed by 3. 5 was frequently mentioned because, of course, the world always needs more joy 🙂 

I said I’d respond with my unfiltered thoughts and like I often do, many things are better explained via video. So here ya go:

Whatever YOUR reason, keep bringing the joy. Leaders are thermostats. (gotta watch the video to figure that one out!)

Keep Outperforming,