What do you do?

What does your company do?

This week I was fortunate to speak for a Keller Williams “Mega Agent Summit” on beautiful Hilton Head Island. It was my first time I’d returned to the Island since graduate school 20 years ago and it brought back memories. I loved it there.


Keller Williams is the largest real estate franchise in the world. I didn't realize this statistic until I was hired for this engagement, but you don't get to that level without doing something right.

Beyond my closing keynote on the first day, I also attended a VIP reception that night and their training the next morning before I flew out.

I continually heard one thing emphasized over and over:

We're a relationship company.

At their core, that's what Keller Williams is. A relationship company that happens to sell houses.

Then yesterday I'm listening to a Minnesota Sports podcast (how about that Vikings win on Monday Night, huh!). During an advertisement break, they cut to an interview with one of the founders of Red Cow, a chain of restaurants around Minneapolis / St. Paul.

He said they pour a lot of time and energy into training their people because Red Cow sees themselves as a leadership development company.

A leadership development company that happens to sell burgers.

This is a simple concept that I'd argue is leveraged by almost every great organization or entrepreneur. They think differently, psychologically speaking, about what they do.

When you show up to a Keller Williams event, it's not, "Hey, here's how to sell real estate."

It's "Here's how to build relationships."

When you start working for Red Cow, it's not, "Hey, here's how to make a bacon cheeseburger."

It's, "Here's how to develop as a leader."

The latter, in both cases, is how Outperformers think. And it translates to motivation and performance.

Keep Outperforming,