Hi Outperformer,

I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook but one of the things I find most interesting are the “memories.” If you’re unfamiliar, it’s an alert that tells you what you did on this day in other years of your life. For Sept 8th, I got three alerts:

Last year I spoke to a group of 100+ people called “Sunrise Social” in Bloomington, MN. (seems like only yesterday)

Three years ago was the funeral of my Grandmother. (can’t believe it has been that long)

Five years ago was my most recent Ironman triathlon (really can’t believe it has been that long!)

Time flies, doesn’t it?

Much of my research lately has been based around how Outperformers Manufacture Urgency (what some would call “Psychological Necessity”). Look at it like this – when your boss tells you to get something done by a specific date, that’s external urgency.

Manufactured Urgency is how we create this internally, when we WANT to do something and we know we SHOULD do it, but we have no “real” consequences if we don’t.

Stay tuned…more on this in the future.

The larger point is that life is going to happen either way. You don’t need me to tell you that it happens FAST. We’re all going to blink and be looking back on today; one, three, five years from now.

What memories are you creating?

When I speak, I sometimes reference studies that have been done on elderly people in nursing homes. When they’re asked the question, “If you could go back and do it all over again, is there anything you’d do differently?” the most common responses are:

1 – I wish I would have had more fun
2 – I wish I would have taken more risks
3 – I wish I would have spent more time with the people I love…and told them that

Good things for us to keep in the front of our minds. In my case, my memories signify fun (Ironman), taking risks (yes, speaking felt like a RISK when I first started) and loving people (thanks, Grandma). I hope yours do too.

Wishing you a great weekend and keep Outperforming,

- Scott

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