Video Summary:

What does an Outperforming attitude mean to you?






Whatever they are, these are your shared goals as a team. This is what you’re all going to be committed to when you show up on the ice.

I act like we’re all brothers, like we’re a brotherhood.

Support each other.



Okay, so, what do we have so far? I see confidence, positivity, we not I, respect, determination, support each other, prepared. I think we had unified as well. What else do we got? What else is missing from there?

Pumped up. Motivated.

Part of the reason that I’m asking about this is because you don’t need this when you show up highly motivated to practice, or highly motivated to play a game. You don’t need this when you show up and you’re ahead by four goals in the game. You need this when you DON’T feel like showing up. When you DON’T feel like trying hard, when you DON’T feel like supporting each other. When you’re getting your butt kicked on the ice and the other team is Outperforming you, that’s when you have to come back to this list of things and say, “Hey guys, remember, we’re a brotherhood.” Or “We’re unified and we’re determined, and we’re resilient and be have belief and we’re confident.” These are the things that you come back to as shared goals as a team and you say THIS IS HOW WE’RE ALL COMMITTED TO SHOWING UP!

Go get it.