Do the right thing and be a good human being.

Earlier this week I was the closing speaker for a Women In Business conference just south of Denver. It was a hybrid presentation, with about 30 people in-person and 80-ish watching via livestream.


Afterwards, at happy hour, someone walked up to me and asked if I'd speak for her organization.

"Sure," I said. "Tell me more about it."

Her response caught me completely off guard.

"It's called 'Courageous Faces' and it helps improve the quality of life for people living with rare and severe medical conditions."

Wow. Just wow.

She then told me some of the sad but amazing stories - people living in isolation, living in pain, living with tumors all over their bodies.

But they're still trying to inspire others.

It was hard not to get emotional talking about it.

I brought up the part of my presentation about managing inputs (monitoring how much negative information you allow into your brain) and how that really wouldn't be necessary if we heard MORE courageous stories like the ones she was telling me.

I couldn't believe it when she told me that some people will still write in and make fun of them for how they look.

Then she delivered the best line of the day, better than any of mine.

"Ya know," she said, "It's just not that hard to do the right thing and be a good human being."


Keep Outperforming,

In this arena, I don't know the first darn thing about Outperforming. But I want to help in any way I can. Please click here to learn more about Courageous Faces, and if you feel called to support the cause, please do.

I don't get anything from this, other than trying to do the right thing and be a good human being 🙂