Last week I spoke for the Forest Lake (suburb of MSP) Area Chamber Luncheon and Awards Banquet. FANTASTIC group and it’s always fun to see people receive awards for their volunteer work, contributions to the community, small biz success, etc.

Afterwards, I was at a table selling and signing books when someone walked up to me and said, "What will this book DO for me?"

I looked at her, smiled, and replied, "It won't do ANYTHING for you."

(Sometimes I'm too honest for my own good :-))

I could tell she wasn't following where I was coming from, so I went on to explain that Outperform The Norm will give her strategies to live a healthier, happier, higher performing life. At the end of each section there are action items and reflection questions to help with implementation.

But the book still won't DO anything FOR her.

She'll have to take the knowledge, apply it and do it for herself.

In the "high performance" and "self help" industries there are A LOT of different products and programs. Want to know a dirty little secret?

Almost all of them work.

*IF* you do the work. 

The fitness and diet industries are exactly the same. We keep coming up with new things to try that will allow us to shortchange the process.

And they all work.

*IF* we do the work. 

All of the people that walked across the stage to receive a Chamber award did the work. I'm sure there were times when they tired and unmotivated, with no one else around to hold them accountable...and they still did it.

I heard a quote recently:

Everyone wants a gold medal but very few people want to train like an Olympian. 

That's partially what I'm talking about, but so we're clear, I'm not telling everyone that wants to grow a successful business to work 18-hour days and everyone that wants to lose weight to never have dessert.

That's not what I mean by "doing the work."

Part of my Forest Lake presentation centered on goal setting and the specific execution of a few "Process Goals" that truly move the needle in your health, happiness and high performance.

Identify these, do the work, measure and manage. 

Rinse and repeat.

To know you're on the right track, usually "doing the work" yields results that you don't notice in a day and only slightly notice in a week. After a month the results become more tangible, and after a year, it's a complete game changer.

I'm currently putting together the most comprehensive goal setting guide I've seen, based on art and science. If I can help you or your business going forward, please contact me and let's do the work.

Wishing you a great week and keep Outperforming,