I’ve always had a ton of respect for fitness and bodybuilding competitors. Though I have no desire to do these things, I appreciate the incredible amount of DISCIPLINE it takes to be successful, in training, nutrition, supplementation and sleep.

This level of discipline can apply to everything.

I came across the below video this week, titled “Arnold’s Blueprint.” Long ago, I knew about him in bodybuilding…then as the Terminator…then as the Governor. But I never knew the entire back story…

The video is about 12 min long (that’s .0083% of your day) and is PACKED with success tips for fitness, business and LIFE. Yes, ladies, you’ll see a few pics of Arnold in posing tights, so brace yourself. But I wouldn’t post this if I didn’t think it was beneficial and could genuinely help everyone.

My takeaway lines + tips:

“Here’s the goal, and WHATEVER IT TAKES to get there, I will do.”

Every successful person has this attitude. It’s not “I’ll do what’s easiest,” or “I’ll do what’s comfortable.” It’s “I’ll do WHATEVER IT TAKES.

In his case, he risked punishment and solitary confinement. Seems like a steep price, but when you’re willing to do whatever it takes, nothing else matters.

“Why am I the only one who sees this so clearly?”

Ever felt like that? Like no one “gets you” or understands what you’re striving after?

Many people thought I was freakin’ nuts when I walked away from a well-paying job to start my own business…and even more think I’m nuts now for trying to run 100 miles. It doesn’t matter. Not everyone will understand.

The only thing that matters is that you have a clear picture in your mind of what you want and where you’re going. Once you see it, it’s a done deal.

“The key thing is to be focused.”

Success requires a laser-like focus. When you’re focused on the end goal, the universe has an interesting way of bending to your demands. Maybe that seems hokey, but things will never fall into place when the picture is blurry and out of focus.

When you’re focused, you’re more consumed with resourcefulness than resources. You do dips between chairs and pullups on the barrels of tanks. Where other people dwell on problems, you seek solutions.

“I didn’t listen to the NO. I went, and it worked out. I used that attitude as the blueprint for the rest of my life.”

I talk to clients and students often about “reference points,” which are times in your life where you’ve been successful, that you can draw upon for future confidence.

Everybody has them, big and small. Find a time when you’ve done something that was intimidating and it worked out. Remember the feeling. Remember the attitude. Use that as a blueprint for the rest of your life.

WRECK the day,