I was fortunate enough to attend a presentation on Saturday by Ron Reynolds. Many know that I’ve recently become affiliated with AdvoCare (he’s their VP of training) and I was excited to hear more about the products and company.

What I got was something very different.

First, there were a total of THREE lines about AdvoCare and here they were: “We’ve got the best products in the world…bar none. Nobody else does what we do. You all know that – I don’t need to talk about it.”

Wow. Alrighty then.

The rest of the lecture was about ATTITUDE. To give you the short story of Ron, he’s gone through his tough times. He had 34 credit cards and $345,000 in debt. He’s three times divorced. At his lowest moment, he actually wrote a suicide letter that, thankfully, never panned out.

That letter now hangs in his office at AdvoCare.

The single biggest thing I got from the presentation was how disgusted he was with himself. This DISGUST led to an intense DESIRE. He said this line many times. It immediately hit me because I think a lot about why people change (or for most people, why they DO NOT change). What makes people stay in a crummy job or bad relationship? What makes people choose the least healthy food, knowing they’ll feel horrible afterwards? Why do people continue living paycheck to paycheck instead of actively striving for something better?

Perhaps they’re not disgusted enough to make a change.


I think about this with a lot of my clients. The people who do running races and triathlons are probably so disgusted with being “normal” that they set their sights on pushing themselves to accomplish something a very select few will ever have privilege to understand. The people who embraced the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge are probably so disgusted with eating and feeling like crap that they have the desire to get serious and clean up their eating habits. The clients I’ve personally trained are probably so disgusted with not being able to fit into their clothes or walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded that they commit to a consistent, progressive exercise program.

In all of these cases, DISGUST was used constructively and positively. It led to DESIRE.

So, the $64,000 question is, what area of your life currently disgusts you? Is there one? And at what point will this disgust lead to the desire, which will pull you out better on the other side?


For any of you interested in learning more Ron Reynold’s tidbits, please read below. I think there was smoke coming out of my iPad from taking all these notes 😯


– Remember when you were young and someone asked you “what do you want to be when you get older?” You weren’t “wired yet” or conditioned or skeptical of things. You simply had a belief that you could get it done.

– Question to ask yourself: “What did I do between born and dead?”

– Many of us fake our way through life

– How do you get to meet someone you’ve never met? How do you get to feel something you’ve never felt? How do you get from where you are to a place you’ve never been?

– WRITE GOALS. Think it and ink it!

– A job for most people: you work just hard enough to keep from getting fired and your boss pays you just enough to keep you from quitting

– God has got a plan for everyone in this life but WE screw it up

– by age 30 not only have we failed to achieve the dreams we once had, but we cannot even remember what those dreams were

– When you have a purpose and a passion you DO NOT CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK (you leave your ego at the door)


– you must be disciplined enough to provide the push. You must take ACTION

5 Reasons Why People Wake Up Old And Are Not Happy

1. People don’t know what they want

2. We’re reluctant to change our habits

  • If people do change it’s because of INSPIRATION or DESPERATION

3. We spend all that we make

  • average American makes $1.8M in their lifetime

4. We don’t make all that we spend

  • i.e., we get into DEBT
  • don’t let your trinkets become a symbol of your VALUE (i.e., the 70″ plasma TV on your wall)

5. We’re slow to learn the consequences of delaying

  • failing to do things often doesn’t affect you right away…it’s the accumulation of things over time


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