I did the opening keynote last Thursday for a large chain of banks across the midwest. Below is the email I got afterwards from the person that hired me:

Emails like this make my day. It means that I showed up and served with excellence.

But I'm not sharing it so you can think Scott Welle is a super duper big deal. It's actually about influence and what is said in the last line:

"You clearly found a niche that is real for everybody, but doesn't get talked about much"

I'd argue that my content DOES get talked about a lot. In the keynote, I more or less talked about a positive mindset, leadership, having good habits and being resilient through change and adversity.

How many times have you heard these things talked about?

Plenty, I'm guessing.

Where influence comes from is helping people to THINK differently about something. When I first started speaking, I was bad at this.

Like, really bad, in my honest opinion 🙂

I would default to my strengths-finder area of "Command" because I thought telling people what they should do was the most impactful way.

It's not. It's about more than tools. Tools are useful for practical application but they are everywhere. And without helping people to see something differently, the tools fall flat.

Take a concept like the "Vital 4%" (first hour of the day). Everyone knows that getting the morning started on a good note is important. That's nothing new. But if I can help people see how small tweaks in the morning can lead to a massive domino effect of positive chain reactions throughout the day, they'll look at the routine differently.

We're all in the service industry. And whether this is with your friends, family, team, clients, or company, do more than give advice.

"Hey, go do this..." is not enough.

"Hey, have you thought about it this way? Then you can decide if you want to go do it..." is a better approach. Trust me.

Is it more time consuming? Probably.

More energy consuming? Possibly.

More influential and impactful? Definitely.

Keep Outperforming,