I had coffee with a friend of mine late this morning and she said she listened to one of my recent podcast episodes. In the episode, I was interviewing someone who has built a successful consulting practice and anytime he’s getting ready to do something BIG, he asks himself the question, “Why Not?”

My friend said this has been impactful for her and has reframed the way she looks at a lot of situations.

“Why Not” is certainly something I try to live by, too.

Case in point–you might have noticed that last week I was absent from my typical Friday email. That’s because I took my first international trip in two years to Cairo.

Yes, Cairo. Like, the one in Egypt.

My brother is there for three weeks doing some work with Muslim-Christian dialogue and it has always been on my bucket list to see ancient Egypt.

So, I asked “Why Not?”

Welle bros = small. Pyramid = BIG.


It would have been such an easy trip to blow off.

Too long to travel? Too much smog? Too unsafe? Too hot?

All of these things are--somewhat--valid concerns but I've tried very hard not to live my life worrying about them.

My brother is there, I seriously doubt I'll have a better opportunity to see Egypt again in my lifetime and it worked out with my speaking schedule.

Right now, you may be contemplating taking a trip, building a business, doing a race, writing a book or something else that is on YOUR bucket list.



Why Not?

It's only one word but it changes everything.

Keep Outperforming,