Last week I had a Zoom meeting with a few decision makers for a large keynote opportunity in Austin, TX. It can feel a bit like a job interview, except you’re talking more about event logistics, agenda, theme, etc.

I must have heard no less than six times:

Our people are struggling. They NEED tools to help them professionally!

I understand where they’re coming from – lots of people are struggling right now. And tangible takeaways and strategies that people can implement are always things I include with every single speech I do.

But is that really what they NEED?

I’m not going to reveal the company and the industry, but if there is something you want to improve right now and “tools” were the answer, couldn’t you just Google it and make it happen?

Human behavior almost never changes solely by tools (remember my DUMB goals article from a couple weeks ago?). It changes because we begin to think differently: about ourselves, others, the world, our situation.

Armed with this new thought process, we either make better use of the tools we have or we’re more receptive to additional tools to help us.

For example, Cole (my fiancé’s son) doesn’t like to brush his teeth. He’s always trying to cut his brush time short.

I could pepper him with tips and tricks about how to brush longer and brush better, but wouldn’t it be more effective to first talk to him and change his thinking about the importance of oral health?

If he gets that, he’ll probably start brushing longer by himself.

It’s insights like this that I’m SUPER excited to share in my upcoming book, Outperform The Norm: Daily Execution. Extraordinary Results., that will be released next month!

It's the ninth book in the Outperform book series and it entails:

1. Setting goals (sound strategy)
2. Achieving goals (excellence in execution)
3. The mental game (goal & motivational psychology)

The book isn't just about professional success - it's about achieving BIG things in any area of your life. I couldn't be happier with how it's coming together.

If you'd like to get on the VIP list and receive an early, advanced copy, send me a message and let me know. If you do this, I only have two asks: that you read it and review it 🙂

Keep Outperforming,