Hello Outperformer,

When I use the term “Visionary Leader,” who comes to mind?

Steve Jobs?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

Elon Musk?

Jeff Bezos?

If you’re anything like me, not only do you name these high-profile people, but you also do not consider yourself to be in the same “league” as them.

We say, “I’m not running the most profitable company on the planet,” or “I’m not battling for civil rights,” and therefore, I am not a visionary leader.

And, worse yet, I don’t NEED to be a visionary leader.

Please stop that.

I’ve heard a great line once:

“Don’t ever let your small business – or ‘smaller business’ because everybody’s business is small relative to Apple – make you small minded.”

No matter how many people you lead and manage, whether it’s one or one million, you can cast a vision by letting people know what the big picture is and the WHY behind what you do.

Always remember, visionary leadership is:

Fewer Whats. Fewer Hows. More WHYs.

Keep Outperforming,


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