Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics.

In the Outperforming world, basics means mindset. It’s the foundation on which everything good, personally and professionally, is built.

I was going through a couple of speaking videos this week and I came across this one on mindset. It’s 1:20 on winning the mental game of life:


And, to move from information to implementation, here are six simple ways to upgrade your mindset:

1. Surround yourself with GREAT people. Implement a zero-tolerance policy for people that don’t support your goals, dreams and aspirations.
2. Feed your mind daily. Print books, eBooks, audiobooks, podcasts, YouTube videos – it has never been easier to consume positive content…if you choose to.
3. Contribute to others. It is really, really hard (if not impossible) to have a negative mindset when you know you’re doing something good for someone else.
4. Be YOU. Stop comparing your performance to others and start comparing it to your own. Grow. Evolve. Do it better than you did it before.
5. Celebrate your small wins. They’re the essential stepping stones to big wins.
6. Laugh more, especially at your imperfections. My nose is too big and I still don’t like hearing the sound of my own voice 🙂 Big deal, right? We’re not perfect and there’s humor in every situation.

Onward to February and keep Outperforming!