Hello Outperformer,

I received the unfortunate news this week that a mentor and colleague of mine, Steve Kloyda, passed away.

You may not know the name but he was a great man. Almost four years ago I had an interaction with him that changed my life.

He was the president of Professional Sales Association and I was going to be their August speaker. But the week before I got one of the worst viruses I’ve EVER had…

At Urgent Care, two days before I'm supposed to speak for Professional Sales Association


I was PETRIFIED to call Steve. I didn't want to back out on my commitment. Didn't want to let him down. To this day, it's still the only speaking engagement I've ever cancelled.

Want to know how he handled it? Please watch the below video:

It's a reminder that our interactions with people matter and will last long after us. Please make them count.

Keep Outperforming and God Bless,