How did you transform from a shy individual to a well prepared, tech savvy confident public speaker?

I was asked this question after a virtual keynote for a group of project managers in Kansas City this week…


When most people say “transform,” they believe it’s a singular pivotal moment or a seismic shift that produces results.

The truth is, transformation comes from incremental progress made over a long period of time. It comes from surrendering to the process of putting in a quantity and quality of reps.

Here's a picture from one of my earliest speaking engagements 10 years ago for Chanhassen Rotary Club. Crazy, it feels like yesterday!

My 10-year public speaking transformation has come at a cost…

I’ve spoken for 12 people in a church basement, pro bono, at a time when I really needed money.

I’ve recorded 500+ videos on YouTube, even though some of them got 5 views and four of them were family members.

I’ve rehearsed countless speeches in the mirror with the dog staring at me, wondering why I keep repeating the same thing over and over and over.

There is no substitute for putting in the reps. Every Outperformer knows that.

Wherever this finds you, please consider these three questions in your current pursuit:

  • Where were you before?

It doesn’t matter if it’s 1, 3, 5, or 10 years ago. Just starting out? Good, but not great? Great, but not elite?

  • Where are you now?

Document and internalize your own improvement and transformation. Let it fuel your confidence.

  • Where will you be in 1, 3, 5, 10 years if you keep putting in the reps?

Yeah, I know, you want it sooner than that. We all do. But you can’t cheat the process and it makes the reward that much sweeter when it arrives.

To your transformation!

Keep Outperforming,